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Manfred Hilberger

Hilberger-Zitat der Woche:

Wer bei meinen Texten stets zu wissen glaubt, was ich meine, der hat sie falsch verstanden.

(Manfred Hilberger über seine Songtexte)


Do you want to dream or want to live?
Do you want to take or want to give?
Do you want sex or love?
Or do you want it all and do you want it now?

Do you want to stay or want to go?
Or do you want to be the centre of the show?
Do you want to go forward or go back?
Do you want to stand still or shake your shag?

This is the first time you think you are free
But now your wife shouts: “now come and eat with me!”

If you want to live you need fortitude
But you will see it`s good for you
If you want to live you have to get rid off
These narrow-minded rules and old-fashioned stuff

Are you good or bad?
Are you clever or mad?
Are you true or a bitch?
Or could you be a bit of all of it?

Are you sad or a wild horse?
Do you need rest or applause?
Are you a believer or pessimist?
And must stay everything like it is?

The first time you think this day could be great
Than your boss says: “you`ll stay longer today!"

If you want to live you need fortitude…

You walk a way where you don`t resist
You don`t believe you can tear down the bricks
You`re under the thumb of the guys who make the rules
So every day there is a piece of freedom to loose

You fear the anger they will have
If you live like you want, like the voice in you says
You`re in the usual humdrum way and do what they say
So every day a piece of life flies away!

If you want to live you need fortitude…



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Infos zu diesem Text:
© 2001  Manfred Hilberger

Veröffentlicht auf der CD
'galant provokant' (2001).

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Manfred Hilberger
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